Saturn Conjunct Natal Uranus


So you have some restlessness, or perhaps a series of events that have been happening are finally catching your attention? Depending on where your Uranus is, look to that house. Are you finding energy being shifted to those house affairs? Are you finding a solution or gaining clarity with the situation that is unraveling in front of you?


Many times, Saturn conjunct Uranus (or aspecting it in some way) indicates a revolution pertaining to that house. If Uranus is in your 4th house, perhaps you are realizing that your home, happiness, matronly influences are changing before your eyes, and there is a NEW definition of what it is to be that house is coming into place for you. If your Uranus is if you 10th house, perhaps you are reaching maturity on your own terms, realizing the boundaries others have created, or you creating for yourself is breaking apart. It is welcomed, very much so, as Saturn and Uranus make the most interesting couple for our lives to make that change concrete and tangible. If you have been on the right path and waiting for an opportunity to arrive, here is your chance. Grab it, go forth!


Saturn Conjunct Natal Moon


Forces of the boundaries come to play with your innermost emotions and your instinctual response. Do you have some unresolved drama between friends or your mother? Now is a great time to work on that, better yet, this is the time that people are more willing to compromise and forgive your errors and ways. It is best if you reach out and build back those bridges and place yourself in the community again. If you have been wanting to start a new habit with your mind and body synchronizing, start it during this transit. The Moon is our feminine self, the nurturer as well as healer. As a feminine planet crosses with Lord Saturn, submit your willfulness and be receptive of the positive hard love. Direct your emotions and response to something constructive. The result is just oh-so-sweet when you let go of your Sun ego, and succumb to lesson given to the Moon.


Saturn Conjunct Midheaven


Time to grow up and realize what maturity means for you. Maturity is an illusion, as the Midheaven indicates a point in our lives when we realize the responsibilities that higher consciousness has given us to live and breathe is dictated by ourselves. Everyone has a purpose in this world, in this dimension. The day we realize the true consequences of our own actions is the day we mature. Maturity does not necessarily mean paying the bills on time or buying your new house with a low mortgage. Heck, it doesn’t even mean anything when we have kids. It only means something when you realize EVERYTHING you do is purposeful in some way, whether bad or good. Saturn conjunct Midheaven is the turning point to which we realize if our actions are rightfully serving us and and more importantly, serving the world in the most conscious way possible. Not by the means of what our parents and elders have told us as children, and not by the means of what society has conditioned you to think or do. Think for yourself, without the least bit of egocentricity.

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By Jolene Wong 

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