The Essence of Saturn Return


Many times people regard Saturn or the power of Saturn as something negative and foreboding. The ringed planet is often seen as a taskmaster, obstacle, negativity, limitations, trial, delay, and an all around wave of darkness set in our lives. This, however, is only the case when an individual has been procrastinating on life and wasting TIME. Saturn is Kronos, Father of Time. The essence of Saturn is not one that a person should fear, but reflect and react. If someone wastes the precious gift that the Ringed Father has bestowed upon them, they will be given His disciplinarian ways, and be granted the Karma for all the work, or lack thereof, that they have done. Bringing order requires restrictions and hard lessons, giving us the force to use as a way to learn a vital lesson that betters us as a physical being and guiding us closer towards the Divinity of Perfection.



Saturn Conjunct Sun


Are you doing what is fulfilling to your soul? Is your happiness rightfully yours to keep? Have you conquered your emotions regarding to your father or facing the authority figures in your life? Are you taking back your power of yourself and using it to direct your own life and taking responsibility by doing so? These are the types of questions for when Saturn and the Sun connect. Saturn symbolizes our purpose in time, while the Sun is the light which is our soul. The Sun is the movement of life, the guide of the active planets for it is the Center. The Sun brings Divine Order, and Saturn is the judge. More often than not, our light/soul gets scattered or is met with something that captures it other than what we are meant to be/do. Being in the right light and accepting the right authority contains that light and centers it in our hearts, as it is where it should be. Allow Saturn to do its task by guiding you, whether gently or by force, for He is not the one who wishes ill will onto you intentionally. Sometimes it takes a hard lesson to make a person’s light shine so much stronger.


Author: Jolene Wong is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, currently cultivating a passion for organic farming and Taoist therapy. Jolene is an American Mongolian and practices Blue Sky Worship, known as Tengri. She has grown up with Shamanic traditions and influences passed down from her grandparents and is highly spiritual in character. Jolene has been studying Vedic and Western astrology for 10 years, primarily focusing on the Western system and the philosophy of Saturn. She hopes to enlighten and inspire souls all around the world to find their truest paths and purposes. 

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