Anchoring in the 5D
Join Amy & Celeste as they talk about anchoring out of 3D frequencies into 5D frequencies. What does this mean for those of us ushering in these new energies?  How do we get there and better yet, how do we stay there?
In this private Instagram Live event, Amy & Celeste will share their personal journey with examples, messages and insights.
What is 3D? - Tired, low, heavy negative thoughts. A disconnectedness with work and people at work.  A disconnectedness with family members. Anger at the collective for 'putting me in this position' (victim mentality), fearful of the future.
What is 5D? - happy, positive thoughts, ethereal income and feel supported by the universal collective. Understanding and knowing there is endless opportunity.  An inner voice of Positive attitude that we are always perfectly where we need to be. " I can" is programmed the subconscious mind. The future is bright and life is worth living because we are living our life's purpose.

If you are experiencing 3D and would prefer to access and remain in the 5D you will experience a shift in your thinking during this event.


Viewers will have a chance to interact and ask questions in the second half of this live video broadcast. Those that cannot make the live broadcast will have access to the 24 hour replay on Instagram.

About the event
When: Event replay available
Where: @5.d.TV with 24 hour replay
Who: @AmySikarskie  and @Blakeacupuncture 
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Event outline
1-2 hour live event discussing different dimensions of reality we can live in on Earth
E-mailed course outline of 3D 4D and 5D
The last part of the event we will take any questions you have
Cost: $11.11
How to pay: Click here or the Buy Now button below
Steps after payment
1) Add @5.D.TV on instagram as a friend
2) Send a direct message to @5.D.TV with your e-mail so we can send you the private link

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